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BLCC Russia - to act and succeed together!

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Dear Member, Dear Partner, Dear Friend,

COVID-19 restrictions are there. We know you are worried and concerned about your business and the future. We are here for you, our team continue to support you.

From all sides we hear that the new reality will not be the same as before, so let's take matters into our own hands, it's up to us to build together our future!

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we launching our WEB LOUNGE to organize a series of regular "BLCC web events" providing resources, information and support to help you and your business get through the uncertainty and open new opportunities.

We invited experts in the fields of economics, international trade, ratings and international relations from Russia, Belgium and Luxembourg to participate.

The new action plan and dates will be communicated to you in the next days, in the meantime, please communicate your expectations and your wishes on our email: moscow@ccblr.com

BLCC Russia - to act and succeed together!

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