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Chamber of Commerce in Russia

BLCC Russia - to act and succeed together!

ACTION PLAN Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (BLCC & BLRB) welcome ideas and initiatives from members for even more interesting events (guest of honor for CEO's business breakfast, topics for business conferences, etc.).

Any member of the Chamber can specify priority regions for the organization of business missions..

Please contact the direct number +3227810105 or +35227861101 or +74994907767 or e-mail

Our Chamber continue to answer your questions by e-mail or phone and we are continuing to deliver our support as usual.

Dear Chamber Members,

Due to the current situation and unfriendly environment, we are temporarily closing public access to information about our Action Plan. When you are interested in receiving information about the upcoming plans and events of BLCC & BLRB please send a request by e-mail MOSCOW@CCBLR.COM

Thank you!

BLCC Russia - to act and succeed together!

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