Chamber of Commerce in Russia (for Russia and Belarus)

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia is an officially ​recognized and unique active Benelux "business diplomacy" Organization for the Eurasian Economic Union. 

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Committed to our community

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia (CCBLR) created in 1974 at the time of the Soviet Union in Brussels with permanent Moscow Headquarters since 2014 is an officially accredited and unique active Benelux Business Organization in the Eurasian Economic Union. 


Joint efforts to promote business interests, government relations and public relations, B2G, B2B,  B2C + highlight and support of a strong Belgian-Luxembourg business community and professional networking.

Our culture

CCBLR Chamber takes a personalized approach for your business strategy, marketing strategy, create effective public relations to ensure the commercial success of all Belgian and Luxembourgish companies in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Our CCBLR Team

H.I.H. George Romanov
Patron - Honorary President
Oleg B. Prozorov
CEO, General Director, Member of the Board
Stefan Van Doorslaer
Anna Prozorova
Head of Legal Department
Arnaud de Busschère
1st Vice President Treasurer
Konstantin Shirinkin
Head of Treasury
Vladimir Shigaev
1st Vice President in Russia
Philippe NYSSEN
Board member in Belgium and Luxembourg
Johan Vanderplaetse
Chairman of the BRBC
Denis Van den Weghe
Vice President in Belgium
Edwin Derde
Head of the Cultural section
Jeroom Joos
Board member in Belgium and Luxembourg